Asleep on the podcast heap #4

Special guest alert! Sean McTiernan of top dollar podcast Them's the Vagaries and the No Chorus blog joined me this week to share and chat about some cool stuff that interests him. Instead of pretending I had even an iota of knowledge about the majority of Sean's enthusiasms I let him do the explaining for a variety of stuff that includes K pop, DMX prayers set to ambient music and power violence music. Don't know what any of that stuff is...?....(don't lie, you don't!)...?...then download this week's episode and receive an education in esoterica from Sean.

DMX prayers set to ambient music.

Check out No Chorus for a full list of links relating to the subject matter in this week's podcast.

Download episode from Podomatic.

Download episode from Drop box.


TAD said...

Just a coupla guys sittin' around talkin' about music & books & stuff. Loved it. More, please.
& I'm gonna havta check out this Fletcher Hanks guy....

Gardenhead said...

Thanks Tad. Let me know what you think of him. I'm checking him out too.