From the top of my head down to the tips of the toes on my feet

I promise, I resolve, I will blow the cobwebs off this dusty old internet hole over the coming weeks, to keep it ticking over so that the moss doesn't grow over it and the squatters don't move in.

rad owls: because, why not?

As I explained before, I've been dividing my time between work and writing fiction, and I'm hovering in an anxious limbo, where everything is a work in progress, incomplete. Because of this, whenever my thoughts turn to this blog, it is with a bit of guilt, the guilt that the time could be spent writing the draft novel or whatever. And it is a properly anxious limbo, because, not having submitted the draft to anyone yet (it's some ways off that), I have no idea whether or not the whole endeavour will amount to any more than a big hill of beans. 

Though that's not entirely true. Because even if I never get published, the process of taking the time every other day to write something as long as a novel has enriched my life. It has enriched my reading life for a start. I now notice how books are engineered, how some novels might as well be cobbled together from pritt-stick and sellotape, though others, the ones touched by greatness, still seem as smooth as hewn marble from where I regard them. So, yah, I suppose that writing has taught me (slow learner that I am at the age of thirty two) to become a more discerning reader.

Writing has also taught me to notice things. And noticing things has put the brakes on time in a way. I carry a journal with me everywhere, and scribble down anything that strikes me as worth filing away for future reference. These are the writerly little details that will help me win my battles against cliché, I tell myself, as I jot something like "dapper old fella with snaggle tooth and cane... a parakeet among dun-coloured sparrow ppl on no. 11 bus." The more of these details I write down, the more I record my days in this way, the more time seems to slow. Nothing makes the days rush by like blind habit does, that shuttling along through workaday routines. Slowing down and noticing things, savouring the world, mitigates against this. 

Try it.

In music news, I'm going to see Danny Brown play the Sugar Club at the end of June and I can't wait. I might go to the Longitude festival thing too, probably on the Kraftwerk day. My favourite album this year so far is John Grant's Pale Green Ghosts though Vampire Weekend are currently threatening to usurp this. GMF from the John Grant album is easily my favourite song in yonks. You can watch it below.

If you still read this blog, a very real thanks for sticking with it through a fallow period.


TAD said...

Welcome back, don't feel guilty, & get that novel written! You're only working on it every other day? You usedta post almost every day, writing a novel's the same thing, just make it a habit & get crankin'!
& Good Luck....

Gardenhead said...

thanks Tad! I'm writing every day (also whittling a couple of short stories into shape). Will post here regularly from now on. BELIEVE IT

TAD said...

Hey G, I also carry a little notebook with me ... but these days I usually just scribble notes in it 4 future blog posts!
If I could write 1,000 words of fiction every day, I'd B doing it. It sounds easy, but it's sure not as easy as blogging -- which I could do in my sleep, & HAVE done!
Anyway, write now while you're young & have lotsa energy & have some idea of what you want 2 say -- don't wait & get old & shriveled-up like me....